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Well maintained gardens can have a positive impact on the sale of a property and the arrival of spring will have many potential sellers investing time in their yards. Below are some tips to help revitalise your outdoor areas before listing.

1. Lawn care
A well maintained lawn can look appealing to buyers, so it’s definitely worth putting some effort into. Regular mowing and watering combined with a commercially available lawn fertilizer and herbicide should help to overcome the effects of the colder months.

2. Mulching
A fresh layer of mulch can bring order to your garden beds with minimal effort. Another benefit is that mulch will help to keep weeds from sprouting. Mulch also helps to keep moisture in the soil, which is great as the weather warms up and plants use more water.

3. Pruning
Spring is a great time to prune many plants and most hedges. An added advantage is that pruning will help to neaten up plants that have started to encroach on walkways or driveways. Pruning will also encourage new growth on your hedges, which always looks great at an open home.

4. Watering
Make sure that you don’t let your hard work go to waste by letting the lawns and gardens dry out. Try and water earlier in the morning or later in the afternoon and avoid the warmer hours in the middle of the day. By doing this you can minimise the amount of evaporation that happens before the water gets into the soil. Of course, ensure that you follow any relevant advice regarding water restrictions in your area.


5 Tips for At Home Entertaining 


Entertaining at home is a great way to get together with friends and family. Going out to dinner or events is fun, but there is something special about hosting at home.

Here are five simple ways to set your home up for entertaining.

1. Put appetizers on the coffee table: When the party starts you’ll be busy greeting guests. Put appetizers like a cheese plate, crackers, and olives out on your coffee table so guests can munch and mingle.

2. Set up a buffet table: Serving people adds an extra task to your entertaining to-do list. Push a side table against a wall or use your kitchen island to set up a buffet table so people can serve themselves. People may enjoy being able to set their portion sizes and food choices, plus it will leave you with more time with your guests — and less time in the kitchen.

3. Set up a beverage bar: If you have a bar cart, set up all your beverages in one place. If you don’t have a bar cart, assemble everything on a large side table.

4. Rearrange the furniture: Rearrange your living room couches and chairs so they are conducive for chatting. If you’re short on furniture, bring chairs from the dining room or kitchen into the living room while people enjoy hors d’oeuvres.

5. Delight in the details: Little details like fresh flowers, candles, and place settings can make the evening even more special. Have fun designing the table aesthetic by curating your cutlery, china, serving ware, and napkin choices.

6. Take it outside: If it’s a beautiful day take the party outside! Clean off your patio furniture, set up an outdoor umbrella, and add some comfortable seating. For an added touch, incorporate flowers from your garden and lanterns or candles.

These tips may make entertaining at home more enjoyable! Call some friends and invite them over to your place.



Indoor plants can be just as fun to grow as your garden and can be the perfect way to fill empty space in your home. Get a handle on what you need to know about this colourful, living decoration.

Health benefits

If you feel more relaxed when you’re around indoor plants, your mind isn’t just playing tricks on you. This is scientifically proven to be true. A study from NASA has shown that beyond the colour and vibrancy an indoor plant can add to your home, they also purify the air.

Just one plant in a room can help clear toxins from the air. Leafier plants have been shown to be more successful at filtering the air. Consider plants such as the bamboo palm, spider plant or a weeping fig for the best results.


One for the most noticeable advantages of having a home decorated with flowering indoor plants is the lovely scent that will be carried throughout your home. Plants with pleasant scents to consider include:

  • Jasmine: Emits a sweet scent that will remind you of spring.
  • Sharry Baby orchids: Smells like vanilla to some, while others believe it smells like chocolate.
  • Gardenia: A floral smell like Jasmine that is also considered quite earthy.
  • Geranium: Available in many scents, including rose, mint, lemon and orange.

Lighting needs of your houseplant

Each individual indoor plant has different needs when it comes to natural light. While this is dependent on the species of plant, there are some general rules which can help you choose the placement of plants in your home.

  • Flowering plants require more light than other plants.
  • Plants with thicker leaves generally do not need as much light as other foliage-only plants to thrive. Cacti, however, is an exception to this rule as these enjoy hot, bright conditions.
  • Other plants thrive, depending on how much sunlight they receive each day. Consider placing your plant in a west-facing or east-facing position to receive the light from sunset or sunrise each day.

Experiment with the placement of your plant until you begin to see it thrive.

Indoor plants have the potential to add colour, comfort and life into your home. Ensure you understand the different needs of your plants before you foray into indoor gardening.


RAIL LINK UPDATE: Starting tonight construction crews will be working from 7pm-6am, for two weeks, to remove the concrete median on Anzac Ave between Grimley St and Kroll St, Kippa-Ring.

Traffic changes are also required to construct new turning lanes between Hindmarsh St and Anzac Ave. This will mean the temporary removal of on-street parking. The temporary lanes will be in place for approximately four weeks.

Traffic control officers will be stationed on Anzac Ave during this time to direct motorists. Lane closures, short term traffic stoppages and reduced speed limits will also be in place.

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Dream to become a reality

Dream to become a reality


Redcliffe Dolphins Rugby League Football Club - Dream to become a reality

The Village Motors Redcliffe Dolphins dream of a stadium at Dolphin Oval took another step to becoming a reality yesterday when Prime Minister Tony Abbott pledged $4m in funding for the project.


Mr Abbott was on hand at Dolphin Oval yesterday to make the announcement during the halftime break of the Intrust Super Club match against the Souths Logan Magpies.


Upon arrival the Prime Minister visited corporate guests of the football club including sponsors, Directors and club staff.


A media address was made from the top of one of the iconic hills of Dolphin Oval where Mr Abbott informed local media and national television groups he was about to make it public knowledge that the Dolphins have been successful in applying for funding.


The club had asked for $6 million in funding, after securing $3 million from Moreton Bay Regional Council.


Dolphins chief executive Tony Murphy said the club was grateful for the $4 million in Federal Government funding.


"We're really happy with that," Mr Murphy said.


The Prime Minister made time to visit with rugby league supporters around the grounds before the halftime siren blew. 



Luke Howarth and Tony Abbott on the sideline at Dolphin Oval.



President Bob Jones, Moreton Bay Regional Council Mayor Allan Sutherland and MP Luke Howarth joined Mr Abbott on stage at the halftime break. 


Addressing the crowd Mr Abbott said it was an investment in jobs, growth and the local community.


"Already, the Dolphins precinct is the second biggest employer on the Redcliffe Peninsula.


The upgrade will generate hundreds of additional jobs - not only construction positions but also new, ongoing jobs in hospitality, marketing, cleaning and maintenance," he said.


"The new stadium will be able to accommodate 10,000 people. There will be covered seating, upgraded change rooms and a recreation area for schools and junior player camps.


"Sports teams and their fans won't be the only beneficiaries. The upgrade is part of a long-term plan to create a precinct on Brisbane's northside that will be able to host concerts and trade shows."


Mr Howarth said: "This Commonwealth funding is a big win for jobs, small business, tourism and the local community.


It was hard to secure but with the support of local people I am pleased it has come through as it will help our region".


The Prime Minister was king of the kids at Dolphin Oval yesterday.


The announcement comes after submissions for federal government funding from the Redcliffe District Rugby League Football Club.


Since the end of 2014, a public campaign by local newspaper the Redcliffe & Bayside Herald was taken up by the Federal Member for Petrie Luke Howarth - both long time supporters of the Dolphins.


First stage of construction is set to begin following the end of the current season.